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Rosenvale Barossa Grenache

Recently I was #gifted a trio of delicious wines from Rosenvale Vineyards, in the Barossa. Find out below which one was my favourite!

Three bottles of wine on a table

Rosenvale Vineyards produces small-batch, minimal intervention, high quality wines out of the famous Barossa Valley. The Rosenzweig family have been behind the business for seven generations, after Gottfried and Johanna Rosenzweig migrated in 1850 from Posen, Prussia, seeking a better life for their family. Their oldest surviving vines were planted in 1935.

At the helm today is James Rosenzweig, along with his father and son - so it really is a family affair at Rosenvale.

"Thinking outside the box and working through challenges across each vineyard is the true foundation of Rosenvale’s success." - James.

James and the team practice Dynamic Farming, meaning they use the best techniques from conventional or organic/biodynamic practices to achieve the best fruit & control pests that have the least impact on the environment.

How good's that? Sustainable and earth-friendly practices are the way forward, and I'm so excited to see how vineyards and vignerons around Australia continue to innovate when it comes to these new styles of winemaking that are crucial for sustaining the planet.

You can read more about Rosenvale's in-vineyard techniques and vine management here.

So, what was I sent? I was kindly offered three bottles - their Rare Rosé 2020, the Estate Grown Shiraz 2018 and the Estate Grown Grenache 2018.

Three bottles of organic wine

I've tried them all, and honestly they are fantastic wines that reflect the premium quality fruit from the Barossa and the careful, thoughtful winemaking techniques in the vineyard.

I know you're dying to find out which one was my favourite... of course it's got to be the grenache! When I found out it was being included in my pack, I was very excited. Grenache has become one of my favourite reds, and I know there are some prime examples coming out of South Australia.

Hand reaching for a bottle of grenache red wine

The grapes for this wine come from those old vines planted in 1935. Such a treat! These vines are grown in the Rosenvale 'Rosenzweig' Vineyard, which also includes old vine Shiraz & Semillon. They've been hand harvested, so you can look forward to some excellent quality in the bottle.

It's a beautifully complex red with a medium body and some gorgeous, juicy fruit. Think big, dark cherries and mouthwatering blackberries. You could easily enjoy this on its own, but I reckon it's a cracking food wine, too.

That said, I'll tell you what I paired it with...

...the famous #tiktokpasta! To be completely honest with you, I'd been keeping my distance from this viral food trend. But I was asked to make it one night, and I thought this grenache would be a fabulous match. It's hard being right all the time, but I manage.

Bottle of red wine next to baked pasta

The salty, creamy feta and the biting acid from the tomatoes went beautifully with the dark fruits of the wine. I added a little bit of chilli oil over the top of the pasta, and I think this really brought everything together. The fruity acid in the grenache was able to hold its own against that little bit of spice. Delish!

Bottle of red wine with pasta dish

Food match: Spicy tomato-based baked pasta, or charcuterie with spicy cured meats.

Music match: Feeling Good, the Michael Bublé version - I love that big band vibe!

Occasion match: A slightly chilly mid-week autumn evening... your pasta is baking in the oven, your date is on their way over and you're feelin' fine. Just make sure you've got a corkscrew to handy so you can open the bottle!

Connect with Rosenvale online: Instagram: @rosenvalevineyards

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