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Riversands Wines

Here are some delightful Aussie sparklings that are sure to get you up on your feet!

Summer picnic with champagne and cheese

Recently I was #gifted two bottles of bubbly from Riversands Wines to try. With spring well under way and summer just around the corner (and the silly season too!) it's always good to have some on hand for when you're in a party mood!

Pouring champagne at a summer picnic

The Riversands estate is located in St George, south west Queensland. In fact, it's the state's most westerly winery! It's a true blue family affair - the Blackets have been in residence since 1996, and in that time, David and Alison have developed the vineyard and raised three boys, Nick, Loxlee and Jock.

Perched on the banks of the mighty Balonne River, St George is a little rural hub for QLD. People come here to fish along the banks of the river, and there's lots of farming, from livestock to wheat, fruit and veggies.

In fact, the Blackets purchased Riversands as an established table grapes vineyard! And today, table grapes still account for 3/4 of the estate's produce (which is supplied to Woolies & Coles supermarkets across the country). The region could obviously grow delicious grapes, so why couldn't it also produce delicious wine??

And the rest? History. Head to the Riversands website to read all about the estate and the family.

Romantic picnic with champagne and nibbles

To be honest, I'm not very familiar with wines from Queensland, so I jumped at the opportunity to try some. And I LOVE learning about new family-owned wineries, and hopefully by spreading the word about them I can help send some business and support their way.

"There's a bush story in every glass with a story of a local identity or feature on each label. Or you can create your own bush story when you visit!"

I love my sparkling wines, and while Riversands are best known for their fortified muscats and ports, they also excel at making food-friendly, approachable red & white table wines and popular moscato styles. They've got a cheekily named F**king Good Port that I'm dying to try!

These two bubblies would make delightful aperitifs, but personally I think their perfect pairings are a cheese or dessert board, good friends and some sunshine.

Drinking champagne & sparkling wine at a picnic

'Pop the cork and tap your feet, dance to the rhythm and find your beat!'

A glass of champagne at a romantic picnic

Let's Dance is a dry style sparkling with plenty of zest and citrus. It finishes slightly sweet on the palate, but because of the citrus it isn't sickly.

Food match: Cheese, charcuterie, prawns (cocktail style if you're feeling retro).

Music match: Let's Dance, David Bowie.

Occasion match: Balmy summer day, sitting under a tree in the dappled light with a banging picnic set up, tunes cranking and conversation flowing.

Sparkling rosé at a romantic picnic

'A shout out to all the sisters who share our lives and make us laugh. From the bush to the beach, time spent with sisters brings a special touch of magic. Catch up soon with your... Sparkling Sisters!'

Sparkling rosé and a dessert board picnic

Sparkling Sisters is an homage to the honoured and timeless sisterhood of women across the world. Love that! It's oh-so pretty and super refreshing, packed with rose petal aromas and mouthwatering strawberries on the palate. It's also worth noting that this sister is low alcohol, too.

Food match: Fresh berries or fruit salad, brunch pancakes, fruit mince pies!

Music match: Spice Up Your Life, The Spice Girls (obviously... helloooo girlpower).

Occasion match: Brunch or long lunch with your closest girlfriends, or a hen's night, or right before your bestie walks down the aisle!

If you can't make it to the cellar door any time soon, you can order online and have your wines sent direct to you. Let's Dance is $25 and Sparkling Sisters is $22. Bargain! If you order the F**king Good Port ($26), let me know what it's like!

Connect with Riversands online:

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