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I was asked to consult on a film...

Very cool Wine Wench moment coming up!

“It maybe isn’t the pairing you’d expect, but it works wonderfully anyway.”

Recently I was asked to consult on a film – super fun! They were specifically asking about a scene that takes place in a restaurant, with a sommelier offering a particular type of wine to match with the food the characters were ordering. That’s where I come in – they needed help finding the right wine!

To add another level of complexity, the type of wine added some subtext to the story – it had to be a surprising/unusual blend of grapes, made with varieties that aren’t typically seen together but that actually make a really good mix. Hint: It’s meant to reflect the complex and slightly turbulent relationship of the characters.

This was basically my brief – find a wine that’s an unusual and surprising blend of varieties, which will also go with both the dishes in the script (goat's curd & mushroom tart and herb-crusted salmon). I bloody love a challenge! So I did a bunch of research, and I came up with…

… the Harmony Rosé from Deep Woods Estate! The unusual varieties that have gone into this delightful drop? They are shiraz, merlot & tempranillo – hardly ever seen all together, and typically not in rosé form.

This rosé is honestly delicious, and definitely surprising. It’s made with top Margaret River fruit, and is simply mouthwatering. No joke, it's a new favourite for sure! Fruity and juicy, yet savoury, dry and complex. And the finish is loooooong and persistent. Utterly delightful!

Independently of each other, these grapes make delicious wines – whether they’re red or rosé. But the thing that drew me to this blend was seeing them all together – which hardly ever happens!

Below you’ll see a sneak peek of how the scene plays out in the movie, with the character of Ash as the sommelier talking to the diners. These are my tasting notes on the Harmony Rosé. It was so much fun to consult on the film and be able to add my knowledge and expertise in such an exciting and different way!


So this is the. Deep Woods Harmony Rosé

from Margaret River, which we've matched with both the goats curd tart and the herb-crusted salmon

fillet. It maybe isn’t the pairing you’d expect,

but it works wonderfully anyway.


(Realising she's only half way

through the first glass, grasping

for something more to say)

As you'll see, this is beautifully

fresh and light, with a hint of strawberry sweetness that cuts through the tang of the goats curd nicely. The palate is dry with well-balanced acidity, making it a perfect match to the creamy, herby salmon as well.

It accentuates how

things that are quite different can

really complement each other, and even

highlight the better qualities...

Now this is a unique blend of varieties

not often seen in rosé:

Tempranillo, Merlot & Syrah, which

demonstrates a true understanding that

sometimes what makes a great mix is

bringing together unexpected elements.

And although it may be unusual I think

you'll agree that the whole in this

case is greater than the sum

of its parts.

The film isn’t out yet – but hopefully when it is I can get my hands on a copy and watch the actors doing their thing and using my tasting notes!

What do you think? Did I nail the brief?

Connect with Deep Woods Estate online: Instagram: @deepwoodsestate

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