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Cocktails with Bormioli

Cocktails call for gorgeous glassware - and that's where Luigi Bormioli comes in!

I was recently #gifted some beautiful cocktail glasses from these guys from their Bach range. I got Gin & Hi-Ball glasses, and of course I just had to make some dangerously delicious cocktails to match.

Recipes and methods below!

Old Cuban Fizzball

This is my take on a rum highball recipe - of course, I added prosecco!

What you're gonna need

  • ice

  • fresh mint

  • 50mL dark rum (I used a spiced rum for extra kick)

  • 30mL fresh lime juice

  • 30mL maple syrup (you can also use a simple sugar syrup if you like)

  • prosecco (I used the delicious Tread Softly prosecco)

  • cocktail shaker & strainer


  • pop ice, a handful of mint leaves, rum, lime juice & maple syrup into your shaker and shake vigorously

  • add some more ice to your Bach Hi-Ball glass, then using a strainer, pour in your mix so that glass is about half full

  • top with prosecco, add garnish (I used a sprig of mint)

  • stir, sip & enjoy!

Hot tip: For extra pizazz, pop some mint in ice cubes and freeze overnight. Put these in your glass before pouring in your cocktail - so pretty!

Limonberry Spritz

This recipe is my own creation, and it comes in two parts because I also made my own limoncello. If you don't wait to wait 2 weeks (which is totally fair - I'm not a patient person so I know the struggle!) you can use store-bought limoncello.

Part 1 - limoncello

Traditionally limoncello would be made with 100 proof alcohol like in Italy, but here that's restricted unless you have a prescription from a pharmacy (or you know someone who makes bathtub spirits!). So failing that, vodka is a fabulous substitute.

What you're gonna need

  • 700mL or 750mL vodka (I used one with 40% abv, but any vodka will do)

  • 8 unwaxed lemons

  • 500g caster sugar

  • 525mL boiling water


  • cut the zest from all the lemons, trying not to get too much pith (white bit)

  • pop the zest in a large, clean jar/bottle/container and pour over the vodka

  • put the lid on tightly and leave for a week, giving the container a shake every day

  • after a week, pop the sugar & water into a saucepan and heat until all the sugar is dissolved and liquid is clear and silky

  • take off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature, then add it to your container with the vodka & lemon zest

  • leave for another week, and continue to give it a shake every day

  • after this second week, it's almost ready!

  • strain your limoncello into bottles/jars then test your patience even more by popping it into the freezer to chill right down

  • sip & enjoy on its own, or add to a delicious cocktail like my one below!

Part 2 - cocktail

What you're gonna need

  • ice

  • 50mL limoncello

  • 50mL pink gin (or any gin - but I think the berry flavours in most pink gins is a gorgeous match with this recipe)

  • 100mL soda

  • prosecco

  • raspberry liqueur

  • fresh raspberries

  • dried citrus for garnish


  • pop a handful of ice cubes into your Bach Gin glass

  • pour over the limoncello

  • pour in the gin

  • top with the soda

  • fill the glass with prosecco

  • add a splash of raspberry liqueur over the top and watch it seep down

  • garnish with dried lemon slices

  • stir, sip & enjoy!

Hot tip: For extra pizazz, pop some fresh raspberries in ice cubes and freeze overnight. Put these in your glass before pouring in your cocktail ingredients - so pretty!

I hope you are inspired to make these cocktails for yourself. I know that cocktails at home can seem daunting sometimes, but I reckon these recipes are pretty simple, and best of all they're delicious.

Which one would you choose? Let me know below, or head to my Instagram and leave me a comment. You'll also be able to see a cool reel I made showing you the full method of both cocktails. Vid below!

Connect with Luigi Bormioli online:

Instagram: @luigibormioliau

Feel free to share this with your fellow wine lovers! Link below.


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