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Bloody Good Wine

You've probably heard me talk about Tipsy Aunt Flo & Bloody Good Wine before. And for good reason!

Girl in a pool with wine bottles

Straight up, Tipsy Aunt Flo donate 50% of their profits to ending period poverty. Winning! I included these guys in my Wines for a Cause article - check it out here to read all about TAF & The Cova Project.

Today I want to talk about their wines.

Their Bloody Good Wine comes in 3 options - Bloody Good Pinot, Bloody Good Bubbles & Bloody Good Rosé. For $87 AUD you can get a fab little 3-pack with one of each (or you can choose your own mix). Browse the range here.

Bloody Good Rosé

Rosé by the pool with a picnic

This is a really interesting pink. It's made from cabernet grapes that are grown solely to make rosé. The fruit comes from the cooler climate Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. It's 2017 vintage and comes from winemaker Michael Kyberd. It's slightly savoury and verrrryyyy easy to drink.

Bloody good rosé spritz by the pool

Poolside, I had it as a spritz with a splash of soda water, a couple of raspberries and a squeeze of lime. Super refreshing! On its own, it's a delight with pizza.

Food match: Tomato-based pizzas and arancini, or fruit salad.

Music match: It's gotta be something upbeat - Two Door Cinema club!

Occasion match: Poolside, when it's sweltering hot and you need a refreshing tipple. Or in front of Netflix for takeout Tuesdays if pizza is on the menu.

Bloody Good Pinot

Wine picnic by the pool with pinot noir

This pinot is bloody delightful! And I'm not just saying that. The grapes are from the 2018 vintage, and also come from Kyberd on the Mornington Peninsula. To me, it leans towards being more like a grenache - it's punchy, flavoursome and utterly moreish. And with a tiny bit of chill from 20 mins in the fridge? Heaven.

Bloody good pinot noir by the pool

Food match: Hoisin duck pancakes would be a dream. Drool!

Music match: How about a bit of Bruno Mars?

Occasion match: A fab mid-week bottle to open when you're dancing in the kitchen & cooking dinner with the fam, your partner or just yourself.

Bloody Good Bubbles

Wine bottles on a towel by the pool

This bubbles is a classic blend of the champagne grapes - pinot noir, pinot meunier & chardonnay. It comes from Tassie, and is made by the legendary Ed Carr, Australia's most awarded sparkling winemaker. Bloody hell! It's a Brut style, so it's drier on the palate and delicious.

Glass of champagne by the pool

Food match: Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Cheese toastie, cheeseboard, cheesy popcorn... you name it.

Music match: Something feel good with a beat... Tame Impala for sure.

Occasion match: This is a great celebration wine, so pop it for an occasion. Or don't! It'd be great for your average thirsty Thursday, too. Either way, make sure there are some snacks involved - it's great with food.

The Bleeders Club

I was super chuffed to be asked by Naomi to become part of The Bleeders Club! I'm super proud to share my period experiences and contribute a tiny bit to ending period shame and poverty.

"Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?

My period journey has been a long, winding and often bumpy one. I’ve recently come off the pill, and it has prompted me to think about my period and what an important part of my life it is. It’s something to treasure, actually! But I didn’t always think it was… "

Read more here.

When you drink a Bloody Good Wine, you know you're doing some good in the world. I reckon that's a pretty bloody good feeling.

Connect with TAF & The Cova Project online:

Instagram: @tipsyauntflo

Instagram: @thecovaproject

Feel free to share this with your fellow wine lovers! Link below.


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